Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Downtown Calgary evacuated as downpours hit the Canadian province of Alberta

The Himalayas are not the only place experiencing flooding this week, as floodwater peaked today in Calgary, prompting the evacuation of 75,000 people from the downtown area over the last couple of days. Torrential rain (10Cm) yesterday already closed the Trans-Canada highway and cut off the ski towns of Banff and Canmore, where this image was taken. More rain is expected, with another 10Cm due over the next two days. Water had reached the 10th row of the hockey arena, and schools and businesses were closed. Plans are being enacted to move the animals from the zoo to the holding cells at a courthouse. Calgary is now a ghost town, with many roads closed and most people staying in their homes (barring those evacuated).

No deaths have been reported so far, but one person is missing after their mobile home was swept away. Over a dozen towns have declared states of emergency. Downstream communities are now bracing for the shock.

John Gibson/Getty Images

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