Sunday, December 1, 2013

A lonely road in Death Valley

It’s getting late in the night on Friday where I am…and for some reason that seems like a good time to show emptiness.

This photo shows one of the lonely roads through Death Valley National Park. There are mountains in the distance and a few other cars on the road, brought there by the fact that this is a national park now…but this is truly a great image of a wasteland.

Very little life. A few dead bushes mark the side of the road; the seeds for those bushes may well have come in on some of the passing cars and sprouted during one of the very rare rainstorms. There aren’t even very many large rocks; despite the nearby mountains, the presence of salt in the area breaks down the large rocks rapidly into dust and the limited rain means there are very few floods that can bring large rocks far out into the valley.

A barren, empty landscape for the night.

Image credit: Tim Furche (noncommercial use)

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