Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sinabung explodes…again and again.

We’ve covered the ongoing eruption at Sinabung volcano on the western side of the Indonesian island of Sumatra several times here at the Earth Story. The volcano erupted in 2010 following several centuries of inactivity and then entered a much more active phase in September of 2013. This weekend saw yet another phase of extreme activity from the volcano and an enlargement of the evacuation zone again, moving an additional 5000 people from their homes.

The volcano had about 30 separate explosions reported during the day on Saturday, with some of the largest outpourings of lava seen in the years of this eruption. The largest ash plumes reportedly went over 4000 meters into the sky.

The total evacuations associated with this eruption now exceed 20,000.

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Image credit: Binsar Bakkara/AP

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