Sunday, July 6, 2014

Mount Fuji - Japan

You cannot help but be calmed by this beautiful shot of Mount Fuji, looking over Lake Kawaguchi. 

Indeed such is the beauty of this volcano that TES has posted pictures and stories of it in almost every situation:

under a comet:
from space:
under a cloud:
and even the chance to climb it using Google Street View:

The Japanese football team’s dreams of rising majestically above the competition will have to wait until four years time, as they finished bottom of a tough Group C. They were tipped to perform well, but football is often unpredictable, just as volcanic activity can be.

Many factors are taken into account in trying to predict volcanism, which can be read about in relation to Mount Fuji’s individual situation here: and more generally here: .

Image credit (non commercial): Masaru Minoya (

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