Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Ridiculous storm photo !

Astronaut Sam Cristoforetti arrived on the International Space Station in November. From my perspective, she had some big shoes to fill in terms of photography; astronauts Reid Wiseman, Alexander Gerst, and Chris Hadfield set a high bar in finding and capturing spectacular and artful scenes of the planet Earth out the ISS windows. 

These photos of Tropical Cyclone Bansi are remarkable and some of the most amazing shots from the ISS yet. In the first off-center photo, the light bursts illuminating the storms eyewall are lightning, the light is bouncing from side to side off of the wall clouds. The faint green band is airglow – light released from ionized oxygen heated by the sun.

In the second photo, taken directly above the storm, a lightning burst flashes near the eye of the storm and some of the light from that bolt has slipped across the clouds of the eyewall to illuminate the hole in the storm.

This storm is expected to remain out to sea and weaken without threatening land. Make sure you followhttps://twitter.com/AstroSamantha on that network to see if she can find a better shot than these. That will take some effort. 

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