Thursday, January 10, 2013

On this page, we often have fans linking us to "scientific proof" that cannabinoids cure cancer. I have always been incredibly skeptical of these claims. There have been hundreds of studies done on cannabinoids and there are many more ongoing; it's certainly a very interesting field of study. But to say this has been "proven" is patently absurd once you examine the evidence and the tests that have been done, and no Youtube video changes that (so please stop sending it to me).

In this article from Cancer Research UK, Kat Arney goes into great detail discussing the available evidence, what has been shown so far and what is currently being tested.

There are several headings:
What are cannabinoids and how do they work?
Can cannabinoids treat cancer? (including lab research, clinical research and unanswered questions)
Can cannabis prevent or cause cancer?
What about controlling cancer symptoms such as pain or sickness?
Is Cancer Research UK investigating cannabinoids?
It’s natural so it must be better, right?
“Have you seen this video? This guy says cannabis cures cancer!”
“It’s all a big conspiracy – you don’t want people to be cured!”
“What’s the harm? There’s nothing to lose.”
“Big Pharma can’t patent it so they’re not interested.”
“Why don’t you campaign for cannabis to be legalised?”

All these and more are answered in the following article, and I seriously recommend that anyone interested takes a look. She references all the journal articles she discusses, making it easy to look up the evidence yourself.

Read the article here:

A massive thank you to the Bigot Vanquisher for looking up this article and taking the time to send it to us.

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