Thursday, January 31, 2013

Catch The Granite Wave

You really can ‘ride’ this solid wave. Located near the town Hyden, about 300km east of Perth, Australia, ‘Wave Rock’ is part of the Hyden Wildlife Park and sees around 140,000 visitors each year.

The wave is part of Hyden Rock, which is a large granite dome and is about 100 meters long and 15 meters tall.

The wave itself is made of 2.63 billion year old granite and forms a flared slope. The flare is formed through a multistage event beginning in the Cretaceous, about 130mya. Various processes, including concentrated underground chemical weathering, joint fracturing, regional tectonic processes, and erosion have created what we see today as the wave.
I Wish all the verts here in the Philippines was like that :D Probably Skaters would amazed at it.

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