Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Madagascar has long held a fascination for many due to the stunning natural beauty and the fascinating creatures that live there. But now the things that make Madagascar unique are under threat, and why? Land clearing and industrialisation. 

A report released by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (Link Below) has added 83% of Madagascar’s 192 varieties of Palm tree to the threatened species list. This number is horrifying, not just because this a time when the dynamics of our planet are changing, and more greenhouse gases in our atmosphere are resulting in an increased rate of climate change, but because of all of those wonderful animals that rely on the Madagascan forest.

The majority of Madagascan Palms grown in the Madagascan rainforest, which has already shrunk to just 1% of its original size. This is worrying, as over 50% of the Flora and Fauna of Madagascar exists nowhere else on Earth due to the 165 million year isolation of the Island starting with the break up of Gondwana. And all of this wonderful biodiversity is falling prey from the “Domino Effect”. And it’s not just the biodiversity at risk from agriculture and land clearance, many Madagascan people rely on the trees to produce the raw materials for houses, utensils and crafts and also produce food, drinks and medicine.

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