Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Weird Weather

The UK has experienced the "weirdest Weather" ever recorded.
The driest Spring on record gave way to the wettest Summer ever recorded in a "switch" that has confused and dumbfounded climate scientists!

The three main UK weather bodies have now issued warnings stating that residents should be aware that these swings of drought followed by flood could become common, and to be prepared for them. The Met office have said that "we had a traditional flood season in winter - now often it's in summer" and that there is so much variability in recorded weather that it is impossible to predict a long term trend.

The Met office have also gone on record to dispel thoughts that "man influenced climate change" is the cause of the wacky weather, instead they have stated that it's a change in North Atlantic Oscillation to a negative phase, and this negative phase will bring with it drier, colder Winters and wetter Summers for around to the next 10-20 years, as seen in the 1960's.


Image: Andrew Gray (Rain Storm Curtain over Cheviot – Northumberland, UK)

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