Friday, February 1, 2013


Skógafoss is one of the biggest waterfalls in Iceland at 60 metres high and 25 metres wide. At least 20 more waterfalls cascade down the mountain slopes from Skógaá (Wood River). The photo was taken from the precarious look-out half-way up the falls.

Folklore tells that the first settler at Skógar (a community near Skógafoss falls), Þrasi Þorolfsson, hid a chest filled with gold coins behind the falls. When the sun is shining, legend says you can see his gold glittering through the water. Though many have tried to find the chest, folk lore tells a young man once succeeded. He tied a rope to its ring and pulled, but only succeeded in retrieving the ring, which was later used for the church door at Skogar. The brass handle from this chest of gold is now one of the prize possessions of the Skogar Museum.

You can explore a 360 degree view of the waterfall and the surrounding terrain here:,-22.23,71.2.
There’s another virtual tour here, and you can ‘visit’ other sites in Iceland:

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